Bunny 🐰 needle stoppers

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Add a dash of whimsy to your knitting with the Bunny Needle Stoppers from Strawberry Patches. These charming needle stoppers are not just adorable but also highly functional, designed to secure your stitches when you set your needles down. Molded into the delightful shape of a playful bunny nestled into a cozy nook, these stoppers transform your knitting needles into a delightful scene straight out of a storybook.

Perfect for preventing your stitches from slipping off and protecting the tips of your needles, these Bunny Needle Stoppers are essential for knitters of all skill levels. Whether you’re in the middle of a complex pattern or just pausing your work, these stoppers ensure your project stays intact. Made from durable materials, they fit snugly on a variety of needle sizes, making them versatile additions to your knitting toolkit.

They're the perfect gift for the knitting enthusiast in your life or a sweet treat for yourself, adding joy and practicality to any knitting session.


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