Puppy in Easter basket stoppers

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Experience a touch of whimsy with each stitch using our "Puppy in Easter Basket" needle stoppers. These charming little guardians are expertly crafted to keep your needles safe and your stitches secure. As practical as they are adorable, these stoppers feature a playful puppy nestled snugly in a vibrant Easter basket, turning your knitting needles into a delightful display when not in use.


Perfect for gifting to a fellow knitting enthusiast or as a treat to yourself, these needle stoppers are not only functional but also infuse your knitting experience with joy and a sprinkle of festive spirit. Each set is a small work of art, designed to bring a smile to your face and an extra dose of happiness to your crafting sessions.

These charming companions are eager to join you on your knitting journey, bringing fun and function to every project.

Price for one pair.

Suitable for needles from 2mm to 6 mm


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